System technology: Tailored integration of micro scanner modules, translation stages and laser systems for your productive "LightFab"

3D Channel in fused silica glass: 5 blind holes and 2 burried channels crossing
3D Channels in quartz glass: Made in 5 seconds with our Highspeed-Microscanner

We can integrate our micro scanner with various translation stages and laser systems to productive systems. For this task we adapt our control software and as requested we support you with engineering services like optics, electrical engineering and software development and we work for you in collaboration with manufacturers of laser systems, translation stages, optics as well as established and prooven research institutions.

We attune our modular high speed micro scanners to your needs and we provide the development and testing of additional new moduls and integrate them into a complete system so you will get the optimal "LightFab" to fabricate your product.

From the CAD model to the product with our CAM software

The laser tracks are generated automatically with contour and hatch in layers
Generation of laser tracks with contour and hatch in layers

To enable digital photonic production by 3D printing of glass components we provide our micro scanners and the LightFab 3D Printer with a tailored software. This CAD/CAM software allows you to simply print your construction part directly from popular digital 3D CAD data.

The 3D model is sliced in layers and the laser track is generated automatically in the CAD software. Different options are available for contour and hatch for your applications. The generated data is copied to the manufacturing machine. Our CAM software controls laser, scanner and translation stages automatically to print the product.

The exposed workpiece is developed by etching. The final product is ready after mechanical separation.

Product after the developing step (etching) - ready for use without post-treatment